The Brewers

We started messing around with some recipes and different types of beers, Ales, Stouts, but we .... successfully created our first lager, the pilsner style "Hugo's Lager". 

We had to get it out to the public to see what their impression was so as you can imagine, we were extremely popular at family barbecues, parties and gatherings, because people wanted to get their hands on our brews!

People always wanted to come to our barbecues so we immediately notice that we were into something good.  What started as a hobby became our brewing project, so we came with to the simple philosophy in mind: to produce premium crafted beers full of aromas and flavours that can be enjoyed by all. 

JJ's Craft Brewing Company Ltd. endeavours to use Irish ingredients where at all possible.

Want more?

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Located in the heart of Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. An attractive town of great cultural and heritage value. 

Where to find us.

JJ’s Craft Brewing,Glenfield Rd, Ardyoul, Kilmallock Business Park, Kilmallock co. Limerick V35TX47

Business Hours


6:00pm - 8:30pm